With an eye on Ready to Assemble Furniture, Dean Robinson developed Snappytables flat enough and aesthetically to hang in view on a wall as ornament when not in use and to require no tools or switches to set up.  Dean gained a certain appreciation for efficient use of space while living in a small sailboat for nearly eight years.  Every item for living had its secure spot, within arm’s reach, whether at anchor or under sail.  Efficient use of our living spaces is now becoming both science and necessity.  A snappytable perfectly addresses modern lifestyles when a table surface is useful or not.  A wall hanger is included with each snappytable.

Indoor tables are made of extremely dense bamboo cross-ply.  The choice of bamboo is not only environmentally responsible but finishes beautifully with clear water-based materials.  Bamboo panels come natural or caramelized, and can be dyed bright colors.  Patented connection parts are made of Delrin.  Outdoor tables are made of marine grade polymer from KingStarboard in white or colors.

It's a snap! ... or three: